Children like Emma, with a rare disease called AMC (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita) can’t use an incumbent solution because it is too heavy and expensive.


A WREX was created to fit Emma, BUT…emmababybigpic•The market is relatively small, and manufacturers are not interested in investing in solutions. This means it is difficult for one hospital to send WREX devices to all of the children who need them.

•The child and family currently have to travel to Delaware to get a device.


Magic Arms for the World will redesign the device to meet the needs of children all over the world.

Goals Include:

•Create a way for remote healthcare workers or parents to provide us information that will allow us to build their custom device.

•Redesign the device parts so they have adjustability that remote healthcare workers or parents can easily perform on their child.

•Provide a labor force to individually build each child’s brace in 3D CAD, 3D print it, assemble it, and ship it all over the world.

•Eventually design an off-the-shelf brace in different sizes that can be manufactured with traditional means, prescribed by physicians, and covered under current or modified reimbursement codes.

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