Eric Jenson

Board Chair and Founder

As a storyteller, it was a privilege to meet Emma and tell her story. I was deeply moved by this family’s plight and knew that this story could not be the end, but only the beginning. Thus Magic Arms was born.

The owner of Jenson Studios, an award-winning Minneapolis film and video production company, Eric is deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with the expert team and generous partners that have come together for this cause. Eric holds a BA in Business Management and Religion from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Tom KraMer

Co-Founder and Governing Board Member

If I can use innovation to improve the lives of as many people as possible through the use of good design and development practices, I will have succeeded.

Tom is President and CEO of Kablooe Design, a Minneapolis product design and development company. Tom has been a product development innovator for over 25 years, and holds an Executive Education Certificate in the Master of Product Design and Development Management program at Northwestern University and a BA degree in Industrial Design from MCAD. He also holds a certificate from Stanford University for the Cardiovascular System in Health and Disease.

Dr. Aaron Fletcher

Executive Board Member

As an entrepreneur, scientist, and more importantly the father of an AMC child, I am excited about the transformative role Magic Arms can play in improving the lives of children.

Dr. Fletcher is founder and CEO of Bios Research, a public equity research firm in the healthcare space tailored to institutional firms and large family offices. Fletcher serves on the boards of Cognition Therapeutics and Lung Therapeutics and holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Colorado State University. He serves as a visiting professor at Dallas Baptist University where he teaches Biochemistry, Bioethics, and Cell Biology. Dr. Fletcher has a strong understanding of commercial viability in the marketplace and brings over 10 years of experience an independent consultant for the biotech/healthcare equity industry. He was first introduced to Magic Arms through a rare Orphan Medical condition, Arthrogryposis that his daughter has in her legs. He has been a long time supporter even though his daughter cannot benefit from the Magic Arm exoskeleton.

Jessica Boden

Executive Board Member

I am honored to be a part of Magic Arms. The ingenuity and creativity the team is harnessing to positivity impact the quality of children’s lives is impressive and exciting.

Jessica Boden is President of StoneArch, a nationally recognized medical device and health care marketing agency, and previously was the Executive Creative Director for nine years.  Jessica’s background includes serving as an associate creative director in medical marketing, marketing manager at Disetronic Medical Systems and the director of marketing for Internet company, She holds an undergraduate degree from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo and a master’s degree from Northern Arizona University.  Jessica’s firm, StoneArch, developed the Magic Arms brand, website and communications materials in 2015 as a pro-bono contribution as part of StoneArch’s RedEye Rebrand.

Sara Jenson

Executive Board Member

We all need someone that loves and believes in us unconditionally to reach our full potential. I believe that Magic Arms can play a role in the physical and psychological development of the children we serve.

Sara Jenson is a mother, educator and business owner who is passionate about making an impact in the lives of children. As a classroom teacher and music instructor, Sara strives to help students master their skills, foster confidence, develop independence, and advocate for themselves. She has a strong desire to see children benefit from the Magic Arm exoskeleton as early in life as possible.  Her graduate work in Marriage and Family therapy and work experience brings a special focus to the psychological health, development and quality of life to the children we serve.

Advisory Board

Whitney Sample

Inventor/Design Engineer, Square Pebble Design, LLC

Louann Carnahan, D.O.

Neurologist, Center for Neurosciences, Tucson, Arizona

Just L. Herder, PhD

Professor of Interactive Mechanisms and Mechatronics, Delft University of Technology

Megan Lavelle

Nonprofit board member, MA Coppin State University

Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, PhD

Professor of Engineering, University of St. Thomas

Sharon Steinhoff Smith

Vice President of Marketing, Stratasys

Dr. Michele Lobo, PhD

Research Scientist, University of Delaware

Karen Kaehler

Technology Strategy Manager for Life Sciences, University of Minnesota